Gartmorn Farm

Finest Free Range Poultry


We have had to make some tough decisions over the past few weeks here at Gartmorn, and it is with a sad heart we tell you we’ll no longer be carrying on all year-round production. 

Due to the demand of our product, we have sadly outgrown the environmental health authority inspection. The next step would be to become licensed with the Food Standard Agency.  The move from local authority inspection to the Food Standard agency inspection is enormous; we would have to grow to such an extent that the ethos of our business would be lost. 

The good news is we will be continuing to rear turkeys, chickens and ducks for Christmas. We would rather concentrate on rearing just for Christmas with the same high standards than grow too large and lose all that we have worked for over the years. The welfare of our birds is of the upmost importance to us and we do not want to compromise that. 

We are incredibly grateful for all the custom and loyalty that you have given us over the many years and hope we can still be of service to you for the Christmas period.




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