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November farm catch up

Winter has definitely arrived, we are now less than 10 weeks from Christmas, the teachers here are sending home Christmas party and panto information and we have a new addition to the Gartmorn Farm family due on Christmas Day!

Apparently 1/5 of the population have already bought all of their Christmas presents and wrapped them.

…We wish we were that organised…

Our turkeys are looking brilliant, the new area for the bronze turkeys seems to be suiting them perfectly and its lovely to drive passed them everyday. They started off looking tiny and the weeds were bigger than they were. Over the past weeks they have eaten through so much of it and grown so big they can ‘run’ through it in the hilarious way they do.


***If you are coming to collect your turkey from us, please be aware that google maps does not take you along the correct farm track (please see our ‘contact us’ page). We are outside Coalsnaughton; there are signs at the end of the drive with our logo and name on them and there will be more signs as you head down the drive. Most sat navs and apple maps seem to work, however, please do not rely on them, look out for the signs.***




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