The History of Gartmorn Farm

This photo was taken before Norman and Roger's parents bought Gartmorn Farm, and shows how dramatically the farm has changed over the years. 


Mr and Mrs Lucey (Tim and Patsy) moved to Scotland from their dairy farm in Suffolk in 1965 with their four young children. They bought Gartmorn Farm soon afterwards and the first turkeys were reared for Christmas in 1968. It remained a seasonal business for many years, with Tim firmly at the helm, producing long-legged turkeys for local butchers and wholesale customers. Patsy was well known for her boning demonstrations around the local area!  


In 1989, Roger and Norman took over the family business, which by then had progressed from a seasonal business to supplying butchers and wholesalers throughout the year. By 1999, the wholesale turkey market was being flooded with foreign imports and became financially unviable. 




Norman made the decision to leave Gartmorn to concentrate on other ventures, so Susan bought him out of the partnership. Between them, Susan and Roger have transformed the farm into what it is today.


In the last 18 years we have moved away from intensively reared turkeys and now focus solely on high quality, high welfare, free range chickens, ducks, guinea fowl and geese, alongside white and bronze turkeys for Christmas.  All rearing was moved to Gartmorn to focus on giving the birds the highest standard of living possible.  This improved quality of life for the birds also improves the end product and has contributed to the great tasting meat that we now offer. 


For the past 49 years, Gartmorn has been a family run farm and this is set to continue with Robin and Sarah returning to the farm with their daughters, Tabitha, Rosalie and Ivy, to work in partnership with Roger and Susan.  Whilst intending to keep with the ethos of the farm that Roger and Susan have built, Sarah and Robin hope to expand and diversify the business as well.