2017 so far....

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2017: A Year of Change at Gartmorn

Robin and I returned to Gartmorn with our three daughters in 2016 and together with Susan and Roger we’ve made a few changes on the farm. 


To begin with, our logo has been modernised to fit in with our other updates throughout the business.  It was important to us all to retain the original meaning and drawing of our old logo, as it was drawn by a local artist in the days when Roger’s parents owned Gartmorn. 

The logo has been incorporated into our new website, where we’re now able to sell all of our products online for delivery, including Christmas orders.  This is a big move for us and honestly it’s a bit terrifying not to have full control over every aspect of the delivery journey!  


In addition to revamping our online and social media presence, we’ve updated our Christmas packaging, and our home delivery packaging, which utilises the brilliantly simple yet innovative design of sheep’s wool as an insulation material.  We’re very excited for the arrival of these new, more environmentally sustainable boxes, and feel it’s a step in the right direction for the business! 


Possibly one of our biggest changes has happened with the chickens; we came to the conclusion that we didn’t have enough control over our chicken strains and felt our suppliers were moving away from the slow growing strains that we believe in.  So, to rectify this, we went in search of new suppliers whose chickens are more in keeping with our beliefs.  Ultimately, this has resulted in us starting our own hatchery!  Susan and Roger travel to France to collect eggs and now we have the great pleasure in hatching our own chicks.  I’m not sure any of us were prepared for the sense of responsibility that comes with looking after these hatching eggs!  Picture Mum and I lovingly moving each individual egg, petrified of any harm coming to the babies.  And it’s always a huge excitement on hatching day; cue squeals of excitement (from me) and looks of disgust from the girls who are maturely over the whole thing. For me, I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off. 


Christmas is definitely upon us now and orders are flying in so it’s time to prepare and add our final changes to the farm in time for the Christmas collections.