Our Birds

Our ethos is to rear happy, healthy birds that have lived as naturally as possible.  Once our chicks have hatched on the farm they are housed in poly tunnels until they’re old enough to brave the elements.  After this, they have 24 hour access to acres of grassland, complete with a pond for the ducks and geese to enjoy.  A true free-range environment is incredibly important for the welfare of the birds, as is adequate shelter from the notorious Scottish weather. Access to poly tunnels provides shelter, feed and water for all age groups and protective fencing shields them from predators.

As well as accessing the freedom they naturally need, our birds are allowed to grow to full maturity. To do this, we buy traditional slow growing strains to ensure the birds can utilise their muscles and therefore have the capability to enjoy their free-range conditions. This creates the denser, more flavoursome product that is Gartmorn’s signature.

Everyone who works on our small farm is dedicated to maintaining our high standards of animal welfare and passionate about producing the high quality produce we’ve become known for.